M&T Realty is a one-stop solution for all your Real Estate needs. Our REPH certified team can help you buy, sell, rent and/or manage your property in Dubai, UAE or abroad in a seamless fashion.

M&T (Murtaza & Team) is the brainchild of Murtaza Hussain, an authority on the real estate market of Dubai. With over 15 years of on-ground experience in Dubai, Murtaza established himself as a top performer with some of the leading real estate agencies in the Emirates. Having developed a unique perspective and a solid personal brand, he took the leap and set up M&T Realty with a clear vision based on a reputation of delivering consistent success & value for clients.

Team M&T is an international and diverse group of highly experienced consultants that are specialists in real estate negotiation, comparative market analysis, legal contracts & marketing with a solid track record of delivering results. We also offer International Investments with citizenship opportunities in Turkey, Portugal and UK with our own agents managing the international business as well.

Our experience and constant drive to stay on top of all market trends helps us deliver an exemplary experience for our clients. A few factors that set us apart are:



Our living database consists of a wide variety of UAE homes – including homes for sale, rent as well as up-coming projects that offer the best off-plans in the market.


M&T Realty in partnership with Arch Dot Technology LLC operate the largest real estate and rental advertising network in the UAE!


M&T’s digital platform gives you easy success to all the basics including: homes for sale, places for rent, recently sold home values and a directory of local developers to help in your search.


We are transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals.