M&T Realty Real estate:

Our mission is to be a regulated property organization in the emerging real estate industry of Dubai. Our focus is to be the best breed in customer service, having the absolute market knowledge and staying ahead of trends by offering property solutions that are simple yet effective to our investors and end users alike and by encouraging. Founded in 2018, M&T Realty has since grown to become one of the leading and most trusted real estate agencies in Dubai. Having international branches in Lisbon, Turkey, Greece & London with a focus on providing a high-quality service that puts the needs of the client above anything else.

The M&T Realty team prides themselves on their transparent and trustworthy service. Building solid and durable relationships with their clients, as well as with property developers and investors throughout the UAE, M&T Realty strives to meet every requirement the client has, providing them with in-depth expertise and real estate advice.

With the objective to provide a one-stop solution for all their customers’ real estate needs, be it an end-user, investor or developer, M&T Realty deals in providing leasing, sales and property management services in all areas of real estate business.